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Pro Soft Glove Conditioner

Pro Soft Glove Conditioner


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  • 11.50 Inch Pattern

  • Ideal for Players 8 to 9 Years Old

  • Tombo Web (Cross Web)

  • Pro-Grade, Pre-Treated Leather Construction - Extremely Durable but Easy to Break-In

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Deep Pocket

  • Youth Model - Smaller Hand Opening and Tighter Finger Stalls Create Ideal Fit for Smaller Hands

  • FREE Vinci Glove Conditioner (with Purchase of NEW Glove)

  • 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee

  • Free Shipping!



Vinci Pro gloves are the finest handcrafted gloves on the market and are designed with quality in mind. You can have the same quality the professionals wear with a Vinci. Individually handcrafted by Master Craftsman with years of experience and training The Custom Pro Junior Series utilizes pro patterned gloves with pro grade leather palms. On the back of the glove we utilized leightweight softer leather for a lighter weight for a child and "ease of squeeze" for the youth player. Our Custom Pro Junior Series leather is pre-treated at the factory allowing for a much shorter break in time. Our high quality leather allows our gloves to be durable, yet playable and retain their shape longer. Vinci exclusive deep pocket design allows for better control and less spin. They also come with heavy-duty thumb. More than just a glove, every model number and signature has a meaning. Each Vinci Pro model is dedicated to Benjamin Vinci, a father, grandfather and WWII Veteran who left a great impact on so many people. You can find Benjamin Vinci's signature on each glove we make. He is the reason behind this company, so when you use a Vinci Pro glove, know that the story behind your glove is the story of an American hero. Put on a Vinci Pro glove and "Make the Play!" Free Shipping!

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: Everything.

remove_circle_outlineCons: None.

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: None yet

remove_circle_outlineCons: string holding webbing to glove broke after two weeks (3 practices and 2 games) of use. Going to contact justballgloves to hopefully return it.

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: My son has used this glove for the past two days and has improved his catching 100%.

remove_circle_outlineCons: Needs a deeper pocket

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Overall Rating
garbage Andrew parent

add_circle_outlinePros: a step up from tball

remove_circle_outlineCons: poor quality leaher. cant be formed imto a good shape. i abandoned it, spent $20 more and got a glove with good leather (for my 8 year old)

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Questions and Answers (6)


Have a question about the Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: BRV1951 Youth? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Are these gloves ideal for infield such as 3rd base? My son is 8 moving to 9 and 10 Dixie Youth and he currently uses a 11.75" glove.
We typically recommend a 11.00" to an 11.25" for an infielder his age. However, if he is comfortable using a larger 11.75" the Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: BRV1951 Youth would be a great choice.
The glove conditioner that comes with this glove says to use it on the palm only. Does that mean the whole catching area of the glove including the interior webbing and fingers, or only the very palm? Why can the conditioner not be used on the backside of the glove?
During the break-in process, the conditioner acts to soften the leather. Vinci only recommends applying this to the palm of the Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: (BRV1951) Youth to make the glove easier to close. They are likely recommending that you avoid applying the conditioner to the fingers stalls in order to keep them rigid. The finger stalls provide structure for the glove, and softening them could result in what many people call a "floppy" glove. If you do choose to apply the conditioner during the break-in process, I would only use it on the palm and avoid the fingers and web. I would avoid oiling the backside of the glove's shell also. There are many ways to break-in a glove, but I personally tend to believe that conditioner should only be used to at the end of the season or to periodically "refresh" the leather. And if you have other questions about the break-in process, please feel free to give us a call.
What does the open web in this glove better for as opposed to a closed web?
Web type is often just personal preference. A closed web will allow a player to get to ball out the glove quicker.
My daughter is 7 and starting coach pitch softball this season. She has an 11" Mizuno, but I feel the pocket is to small. However she is very small. Can you please advise if this 11.5 Vinci is a good fit. I realize it will be big on her hand, but I am thinking the higher quality leather may work better for holding on to the ball. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
The Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series: (BRV1951) will have a larger pocket and will be made with Pro-Grade leather. It will be pretty durable and have some added flexibility. It might be a little big, however, we do have a 100 day glove guarantee. Essentially, you can use the glove for 100 days and if you don't like the size or way it feels you can return it or exchange it for another glove.
I have a 12 year old travel league pitcher and 3rd baseman. Would this junior glove still comfortably fit a 12 year old hand? He's not huge, but above average in size. Also, how durable is this glove for the rigors of a travel season?
The Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series (BRV1951 Youth) is ideal for 8 to 9 year old players so will it will probably be too small for your 12 year old. As far as durability goes, it will be pretty durable to withstand a travel season.
Is this glove a good option for fastpitch softball? or should I go with a glove that is designed for fastpitch like a A500? My daughter is 7 and plays 8 months of the year. She plays SS or 3rd Base.
The Vinci Pro Custom Pro Junior Series (BRV1951) Youth could be a great choice for fastpitch softball. The web design and pocklet is certainly large enough to accommodate the larger ball, even though this is categorized as a baseball glove. The 11.50" is usually ideal for those positions, however, at her age, it may run too large for her. Based on her age and positions, a 10" glove is recommended.
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About the Brand


Vinci Pro products are designed with the professional in mind, and we have since introduced over 40 gloves making us one of the most versatile distributors of high quality and affordable baseball and softball gloves. One of the best-made gloves on the market, our gloves are hand-crafted from the finest US Steerhide and Kip leathers. Due to the overwhelming success in our Custom Pro line of gloves, we have introduced the Custom Pro II line of gloves for the price conscious. Made with the same standards as our Custom Pro, the Custom Pro II offers high quality, yet affordable fielder's gloves for the everyday player.

Due to the high quality of the Vinci Pro line of gloves, the first professional player to wear a Vinci Pro glove was Joe De Pastino when he played for the Braves. Current Braves using Vinci Pro gloves to train and play are Phil Britton, Jose Camarena, Iker Franco, Victor Hernandez, Carlos Mendez, and Carlos Sencion. Additional professional players training and playing with Vinci Pro gloves are Pat Ahearne, Andy Barkett, Tim Cain, Kyle Deyoung, Anthony Pluta, Wilkin Ramirez, Manny Rodriquez, and Chad Wagler. Andy Barkett, a close friend to the Vinci family, can also been seen on the Vinci Pro video "Hitting with the Pro."

Vinci Pro: "Make the Play!"

Glove Properties

Color Black
Feel Game Ready
Glove Type Baseball
Glove Type Youth
Position All Positions
Price $0 - $99.99
Size 11.50
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Vinci Pro
Web Type Other

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Great job in getting the glove out in timely manner. Nice not to deal with back orders!


Fort Morgan, CO

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