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  • Retreat Your Glove as Needed

  • Lifts Embedded Dirt from the Leather

  • Protects and Preserves Your Glove

  • Ideal for Break-In

  • Improves the Water Resistance of the Leather

  • * Nokona NLT Classic Glove Conditioner *

  • Conditioner - Easier to Apply Compared to Liquefied Oils



Glove oil can be a great asset to have when owning a glove. Oiling your glove provides many benefits, and can greatly increase the longevity of your glove when done properly. After purchasing a new glove, putting a light coat of oil on it prior to the break-in process can reduce the time it takes to get your glove ready to play. Incorporating a light oiling of your glove into your preseason ritual can also extend the life of your glove. Give the most attention to the laces and the pocket, as those two areas tend to take the brunt of the beating. Always wipe away dirt and debris from your glove before oiling, and wash your hands to ensure you're not transferring any unwanted grime to the leather. Be sure to use a towel or sponge to apply the oil. After applying oil to the sponge, gently rub it into the glove. It is imperative not to use too much oil, because too much can do more harm than none at all. Always remember to read the instructions on your bottle of glove oil prior to use, as they are there to help you. Free Shipping!

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Overall Rating
chance h

add_circle_outlinePros: What makes this glove conditioner unique is that it is Patrolium based gel instead if oil. Oil tends to make the glove heavy. This Nokona cream will help condition and clean the glove.

remove_circle_outlineCons: None. Use as much as needed!

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: So right when I got my new nokona walnut glove I used this and WOW it sure made the diffrence! Used it the next day on my catchers mitt had for about 3 years not fully broken, in 2 min the work that this did just wow

remove_circle_outlineCons: zeroooooooooo

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: It makes your glove look shiny as it is as brand new

remove_circle_outlineCons: none

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Overall Rating
Aaron martinez

add_circle_outlinePros: I've played baseball my whole life until joining the Army 7 years ago. I stopped using my gloves all together. I recently started playing again, since being stationed in Hawaii. I started restoring my old gloves and friend's gloves. This has to be the best out there HANDS DOWN. Everything is like new again. I can't see myself recommending anything else ever again. This is a definite must have with your gear if you're an avid player, coach, or in any way involved with baseball. If you don't have this, YOU'RE WRONG and you need to change that. I can't wait to have kids and teach them the difference between "quality" and "quantity" in baseball, this is definitely the QUALITY aspect.

remove_circle_outlineCons: No such thing!

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Overall Rating
sam c

add_circle_outlinePros: The conditioner worked very well in softening the leather.

remove_circle_outlineCons: On the packaging it does not specify how much to use or how frequently to apply. I have had a Nokona WB1200 Walnut Crunch for about 5 days now and after applying the conditioner a few times (about 3) the glove is completely saturated and is extremely heavy. Almost as if it is weighted, it also is very soft all together. You can practically crumble the glove up. As I read this affect is nearly irreversible. I destroyed my 5 day old Nokona glove with this conditioner.

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Overall Rating
Mike A

add_circle_outlinePros: Great product you just have to use it properly. Another reviewer said this conditioner "ruined" their Nokona glove. Hmmm?? The best way is applying a light coat, wrap it overnight and play catch. If you heavily coat it, you can't go back if its too "floppy". If you want it softer repeat the process. Common sense goes a long way.

remove_circle_outlineCons: I guess not having application directions for rookie players lol

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Overall Rating
Nokona Glove Conditioner Taryn player

add_circle_outlinePros: Easy to use. Significantly shortens the break in period. Conditions the leather. Helps restore your glove's leather

remove_circle_outlineCons: None

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: works good! needed for gloves that are used a lot.


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Overall Rating
makes glove softer and looks new devin the dude player

add_circle_outlinePros: really helped my glove softened it and it almost looks new ,

remove_circle_outlineCons: do not use this every day only condition your glove once every two weeks doing it everday will just ruin your glove .

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Overall Rating
conditioned great amanda61904 parent

add_circle_outlinePros: I had tried a store brand oil before that left my glove looking way dark and seened heavy, oily still...just with using very little oil. the nokona oil worked right into the leather and barely had any color difference. Helped the break in process. It also brought great life back into my childhood glove from 20 years ago.

remove_circle_outlineCons: none

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: I've had my Nokona 11.75 inch walnut series for two years. I work the NLT conditioner (shown above) on my glove about once a week. My friend just got a new nokona and used Rawlings glove conditioner. We compared our gloves and by using this conditioner my 2 year old nokona looks almost brand new (through extensive play) compared to his 2 month old nokona all because of this conditioner. I strongly suggest this.

remove_circle_outlineCons: One comment says it causes your glove to be heavy, but that is only right after applying the conditioner. Give it a night and your glove will go back to normal weight.

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Overall Rating
why and how to use Kevin player

add_circle_outlinePros: I have read many reviews and as a current college player want to explain the why and hows. first off i want to explain that this is not made to break your glove in. this is called conditioner. its made to preserve and clean the leather. i keep reading that people put several layer's of this in their glove and let this set in. that is not how i recommend using this. Your glove is sonething that first off your have your own personal preference to how it should feel. no one wants a heavy glove so do not put several layers on at a time. Do not use this on a brand new glove. i break my gloves in and use them for a while then ill finally condition glove. i do this by apply very small amounts in(pea size dots) deferent areas. ill do one spot at a time and spread that small amount on as much leather as possible then use more until the leather is covered. ill then wait a few minutes and ill wipe of with rag. the conditioner gets the dirt and moisture out. do not leave conditioner to sit in.

remove_circle_outlineCons: no problems just make sure you do not let conditioner set in glove. this will only weigh down glove. always wipe up to get moisture and dirt out. the rest left on glove after that will be there to preserve the leather. only use a couple times a year.

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Overall Rating
Nick N

add_circle_outlinePros: this product is a necessity for breaking in or conditioning your glove. I don't use anything else.

remove_circle_outlineCons: none

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Overall Rating
made glove tacky maro13 player

add_circle_outlinePros: It broke my glove in pretty nicely

remove_circle_outlineCons: It made my glove lose color and made my glove really tacky when it was really smooth. I am kind of pissed

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Overall Rating
The right way to use this product. Goraman parent

add_circle_outlinePros: It is all you need to care for your glove. The Nokona Factory recomends useing a dab the size of a pea to condition the whole glove. Do not apply directly to the glove. I use a pair of nitrile disposable gloves so the product dose not just absorb into my hands. I dab the size of a pea into my hand and them rub my hands togather till they are both coated. then use your hands to work a thin coat all over the glove, laces and pocket. If need be ,i put a much smaller dab in my hand and reapply a little more to the pocket and the crease at the palm. let it sit for an hour or two then play catch for a couple weeks at least an hour a day . and the glove is ready for game day. If you over-oil your glove, just bury the glove in new cat litter and it will draw out excess oil/conditioner to make the glove lighter.

remove_circle_outlineCons: None

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Overall Rating
Fielder's friend

add_circle_outlinePros: Conditions laces as well as pocket. Small amounts regularly has restored an old Wilson and improved a newer glove. Seems effective; not soggy. Good buy.


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Questions and Answers (23)


Have a question about the Nokona Glove Conditioner? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

How often should I put on the conditioner?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner should be applied as needed. You will need to apply the conditioner based on the amount of use, how the glove is stored, and the climate you live in. Be careful to not over apply conditioner, as this can over saturate the leather and cause damage as well.
Justin R
How do you flare a baseball glove?
Allamerican 2nd baseman
All the information you will need to flare a glove can be found in the link provided!
How do I apply it?
Apply a small amount of glove oil to a sponge or cloth, then use the sponge or cloth to apply the oil to the areas of the glove that are currently firm. Start with the palm, the break point of the glove and then web. Then use the glove oil on all other parts of the glove including the entire inside to help moisturize and protect the glove. Work the glove oil into the leather evenly. Do not apply the glove oil directly to the glove, as it will be too concentrated at the point of application. Also, make sure that the laces get oiled so they can stay moisturized so they will not dry and begin to crack. Otherwise, the webbing of the glove will come loose.
Tessa L.
Will the Nokona glove oil prevent my Rawlings Pro Preferred glove from cracking?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner is used to both help soften and protect leather products. If used correctly, it can help improve the feel and lifespan of your leather glove.
How many ounces of Nokona Glove Conditioner are in this tube?
This Nokona Glove Conditioner is the 3.5 oz. size.
Can you ship to Taiwan?
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have any international shipping options available. However, all of our shipping in the United States can be completed at no additional cost.
How long should you let the conditioner sit for after you apply it to the glove?
johnny baseball
We recommend that you allow glove oil/conditioner to absorb into the leather for 24 hours in a warm area with a temperature between 70-90 degrees.
How long does it take to dry?
We recommend letting the Nokona Glove Conditioner sit for 16-24 hours to make sure it has set into the glove before use.
Would you recommend this conditioner if I am going to purchase the Vinci 10.5" glove for my son?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner is an excellent option to use with any glove. It would work very well with the Vinci line of gloves.
Will this petroleum jelly conditioner be good for kip leather gloves?
This Nokona Glove Conditioner will actually not be made of a petroleum jelly. It will be made in a paste-like consistency that allows it to be easily applied to gloves. This conditioner will be excellent for kip leather gloves.
Can I use this on my horween leather glove?
Yes, this Nokona Glove Conditioner should be fine for use with your horween leather glove.
Does this conditioner make the glove water resistance or protect the glove from water? Can you apply the conditioner after the glove has been in water? If so, when do you apply conditioner after the glove has been wet?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner will improve the water resistance of the leather. This particular conditioner is meant to retreat your glove as needed. If you feel as though your glove has dried out then that would be the ideal time to apply it. I would not recommend using this if your glove was still waterlogged but would rather wait until it has fully dried out.
John P.
I am going to get the Louisville Slugger Omaha Flare (11.5" model). Will this work well with that glove?
Yes, this Nokona Glove Conditioner will work well to condition the leather on the Omaha Flare mitt.
Do I need to work inside the fingers of the glove with this conditioner? Also do you recommend using this conditioner during the off-season? If yes, how often?
It is recommended to use the Nokona Glove Conditioner mainly on the palm of the glove. It is best to use the conditioner after the season ends as a way of preserving the leather during the off-season.
How often should you use this conditioner while breaking in a new glove?
The exact amount will vary based on the quality of leather of the glove. It is recommended to use it when you first get the glove and then as a preseason ritual thereafter.
How does this conditioner compare to Wilson's Pro Stock Glove Conditioner and WebGem's Glove Glaze?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner will be very similar to the Wilson Pro Stock and WebGem Glove Conditioner/Glaze. All 3 of these products will be designed to help treat the leathers being used on baseball gloves and mitts
Is it good for Mizuno future pro model (black leather)?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner can be used on the Mizuno models.
I just got a Wilson A2000 with a very light tan color and I was wondering how drastic the color change would be if I applied the Nokona Glove Conditioner.
If using small amounts of the Nokona Glove Conditioner on your new Wilson A2000 glove it should only have a minimal affect on the color of the leather.
Is there a way to make the glove go back to its original color after using this?
Unfortunately, after you apply oil there isn't a way to give the glove the original color.
Do you need a rag or a little towel to work it in to a new glove?
To apply the Nokona Glove Conditioner, you would want to use a sponge or towel as applying it directly to the glove would be too heavily concentrated and could damage the leather.
Will the Nokona glove conditioner take dye out of the leather. I have a cusotm 44 glove with red leather. Can I use this conditioner without harming the glove?
The Nokona Glove Conditioner will not take any of the dye out of the glove if applied correctly. After purchasing a new glove, putting a light coat of oil on it prior to the break-in process can reduce the time it takes to get your glove ready to play. Incorporating a light oiling of your glove into your preseason ritual can also extend the life of your glove. Give the most attention to the laces and the pocket, as those two areas tend to take the brunt of the beating. Always wipe away dirt and debris from your glove before oiling, and wash your hands to ensure you're not transferring any unwanted grime to the leather. Be sure to use a towel or sponge to apply the oil. After applying oil to the sponge, gently rub it into the glove. It is imperative not to use too much oil, because too much can do more harm than none at all.
Is it safe to use on catchers mitts?
Yes, this Nokona Glove Conditioner is safe for use on catchers mitts.
My son got his Nakona glove about 7 months ago. I feel like the fingers are not laced tightly together anymore.... is that normal or should I take it into a pro shop to have it replaced or something? There’s just some space between the fingers and I don’t see other kids gloves like that.... let me know what is suggested, thanks!
The lacing on gloves will become stretched over time and loosen on any glove eventually, which is why the fingers are spreading as you mention. I would recommend just tightening the laces up, which is fairly easy to do and you can probably learn how from a Youtube video, as it only requires a fairly cheap lacing tool. However, if it is hard to find one then you can certainly take it somewhere and have them tighten it up for you. All gloves need occasional tightening anyways to get the most lifespan out of them, so learning who you can take it to or how to do it yourself will serve you well in the future.
Kyle J.
Show all 23 Questions and Answers about the Nokona Glove Conditioner
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About the Brand


Joe Phillips writes about his visit to Nokona. It was like sitting in at the plantation party in Gone with the Wind or maybe gazing from the grandstand at the “Field of Dreams” while the Black Sox players tried to work out their idled muscle kinks. And, I was gently reminded by the lines in that movie while I dug into a delicious plate of North Texas barbecue: “threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins. . . You talk a good dream.” And here I was. . . graciously invited into this magical and charming “Field of Glove-Making Dreams” in former Comanche Indian land at Nocona, Texas. It was a warm August evening, basked in a golden harvest moon, while friends and the Nokona family paid its kindly southern regards to two of their own and two of America’s finest but relatively obscure glove makers, Bobby Storey and Elvin Ray “Ab” Lemons. You see, the pair had just completed fifty years of time-honored employment with Nocona Athletic Goods, the last of the all-American made ball glove company's. The occasion brought echoes of past successes and human contentment, but in Nocona today you still experience much the same American texture of yesterday and perhaps a glimpse into tomorrow as well.

The two stately gentlemen were being honored in a way that could have taken place in the same manner when they first reported for full-time work at Nokona, in 1952, or back even earlier, in 1933 when the company started making sports equipment. During a brief and informal presentation at the celebration, Nokona’s new sales manager called the two glove makers “Legends - because that’s what their ball gloves stood for, American know-how and pride taken in a best-made product.”

A man of few words but a marveled craftsman who could literally conjure a sows ear into a playable baseball mitt, Mr. Lemons got up and fondly recalled the several men he worked with through his half-century and of the training that had been passed along to him from his old bosses.

His counter part and just as talented, Bobby Storey, had filled in at just about every job at Nokona. Bobby, the son of the sporting goods founder, R.E. “Bob” Storey had most recently served as president and now chairman of the board of Nokona. Though past retirement age like Mr. Lemons, he’s now serving at one of his favorite roles, that of ball glove designer.

At a time for employment in this country when five years is considered a long tenure with the same company, Ab and Bobby are not even the first to complete a half-century journey with Nocona Athletics. The now deceased Jewell Brickey, hit that milestone in 1993, after joining the company during World War II. That’s the kind of devotion that employees forge into this glove-making outfit. A devoted and sustained tenure here is not rare. Last year the company advertising, displayed along with Storey and Lemons, three other employees who had garnered 40 years with Nokona, Warren Clary, Bud Meekins, and Melvin Weedin.“

I don’t have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball”, wrote W.P. Kinsella. And the most constant of ball glove makers has been Nokona, and the men and women there who keep alive the tradition of American craftsmanship of ball glove making. The spirit of glove-making is still alive and well in Nocona, Texas.

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Wonderful experience! Shipping was speedy, selection was great. Also enjoyed the deatiled descriptions of the gloves. Will recommend to family/friends as it was recommended to me.


Woodland, CA

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