Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200

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Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
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  • Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
  • Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
  • Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
  • Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
  • Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
  • Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
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Product Features

  • 12.00 Inch Pattern
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Closed Back
  • Combination of Kangaroo and Cowhide Leathers
  • Fastpitch Softball Pattern
  • Free Shipping!
  • Made in the USA - Since 1934 (Nocona, TX)
  • Fully Closed Web
  • Little Break-In Required
  • *100 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty


3 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

3 Star Rating   3 customer reviews

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Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
2.666667 Star Rating
by Nichols
Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200 review by Nichols
Pros: Lightweight, yet protects the hand much better than my old Wilson A2000. It looks like it's going to keep its shape nicely. I can tell it will be durable by the second string of laces running across the middle of the fingers, unlike my Wilson that I mentioned before whose fingers are only held together at the tips. Most importantly, made in the U.S, so you know it's good! Cons:Was a pain to break in; comes very stiff. The wrist closure system aggravates my hand, so you might want to try one on before ordering online. The one I received was more orange in color than what is depicted here, if the look is a factor for you.

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Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
2.666667 Star Rating
by Fast Pitch Softball Dad
Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200 review by Fast Pitch Softball Dad
Pros: Good quality leather and craftsmanship as expected by price and US made. But cons way out weights the pros from my experience. Cons:Caution- tried natural break-in as recommended using a pitch machine then playing 14u fall and summer travel tourneys. Balls still rattle around in pocket after 11 months of concentrated play, so had glove professionally steamed (against manufacturer recommendation) as a last ditch effort to improve catch ability. Low temp steaming made leather a little softer, but balls still rattle in pocket and will come out of glove catching pop ups and diving. Great concept US made and good quality leather, but horrible short term results for us.

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Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200
2.666667 Star Rating
by Fastpitch Softball Player
Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200 review by Fastpitch Softball Player
Pros: This glove is very well made. The leather is very sturdy and the glove is very tight and hasn't had any issues as to loose laces. I bought this glove in July of 2013 and started using it in the fall of 2014. I am still currently using it and like it very much. The web of the glove does have a "hook" so that may help with balls spinning out of the glove. The glove, used with conditioner, also forms very well and holds its shape if properly taken care of. Cons:Words cannot describe how hard it is to break in this glove. Be warned that if it feels loose and broken-in one night, it will be stiff as a board the next morning. I'd give it at least a year to break in before you use it in a game, and that is being on the risky side. The wrist is also very stiff. I folded my glove in half and put it under my bed post at night to try and break in the wrist. Also, the leather is very tough and almost "springy". I condition my glove and tend to it regularly, but my glove still has a hard time receiving the ball and often the ball will pop out of my glove if it is hit hard enough. I understand the concept of having tougher leather, but when you are making a nail-biting play you want a glove that will receive a ball well and cushion it. Not one that will act against you. Something that I also didn't expect when I bought it was how thin the palm of the glove is.

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Questions and Answers

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Does the Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series BKF-1200 include the Nolera Composite Padding System?

The Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series: BKF-1200 will not have the Nolera Composite Padding System.

Max Expert ·Jun 03, 2018


I have a 9 year old daughter currently using an 11 inch, but I think it's too small. Is an inch jump too big!?

The Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series (BKF-1200) may be a bit of a jump for a 9 year old. The weight would be a big difference and could cause her to have trouble closing the mitt. I would suggest going up to an 11.5. It is still a jump, but it's a bit more manageable.

Mick Expert ·Aug 14, 2017


Looking for my daughters last glove that she will need for her high school career. She plays third base. Is the BKF-1200 the glove she should be looking at, or is there another that you would suggest?

The Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series (BKF-1200) is a great option for a high school third baseman. It is a very high quality glove that is very durable.

Kara Expert ·May 20, 2014

Product Description

The Buckaroo Fastpitch Series features a perfect combination of Kangaroo leather and cowhides to form a lightweight yet sturdy glove that today's ballers look for. Kangaroo leather, both amazingly strong and lightweight, significantly increases the glove's durability. In fact, Kangaroo Leather is one of the toughest leathers in the world so you know the Buckaroo Fastpitch Series is made to last. Nokona's classic Walnut Crunch Leather, on the other hand, adds body and form needed to maintain a solid pocket and overall fit. As if that's not enough, the Buckaroo Fastpitch Series features Nokona's new deep-pocket, easier break-in fastpitch pattern, which includes their new and improved Ristankor Closure System. This top-of-the-line feature meets the demands of today's top players. Originally developed in the 1950's, the Ristankor is now made with Velcro to secure the hand in the glove while allowing for an easier break-in. With a closed web and closed back, this 12.00 inch glove is ideal for pitchers, middle infielders, and third basemen. Nokona has built a reputation for providing the highest quality gloves, which are made right here in the USA! For over 75 years, Nokona has been making their product in Nocona, Texas where the people have dedicated their lives to providing the highest quality ball glove. This is their legacy. Nokona: America's Pastime. American Made. The Buckaroo Fastpitch Series is backed by a full 100-day money back guarantee, even if you've used it! Free Shipping!

About Nokona

Nokona Joe Phillips writes about his visit to Nokona. It was like sitting in at the plantation party in Gone with the Wind or maybe gazing from the grandstand at the “Field of Dreams” while the Black Sox players tried to work out their idled muscle kinks. And, I was gently reminded by the lines in that movie while I dug into a delicious plate of North Texas barbecue: “threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins. . . You talk a good dream.” And here I was. . . graciously invit.... read more


Just great, I can say without resevation this is the best service I've received since I started ordering items online.

- Dwight, Olympia, WA

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