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  • Catcher's Training Mitt

  • Japanese Tanned US Steerhide Leather Construction

  • Velcro Back

  • Free Shipping!

  • 27.00 Inch Pattern

  • Popular Black and Tan Combo - Tan Leather in Palm is Softer to Create Amazing Pocket / Black Leather on Back Adds Support and Durability

  • 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee

  • Small Pocket Improves Receiving Skills and Ball-To-Hand Transfer



To be the best, you must TRAIN like the best! Introducing the All Star Professional Series Training Mitt. The BEST training mitt on the market to help players develop and enhance their skills, so that they can reach their fullest potential. This mitt is specifically designed to teach catchers to catch in the pocket and not the web. It helps improve transfer speed and assists players in developing quick hands. The All Star Pro Series Training Mitt can be used in framing, transfer and popup drills. The All Star Professional Series is designed for fast break-in and hard use. This series is high end, high quality, and features premium oil-softened Japanese Tanned US Steer Hide Leather, and heavy duty rawhide laces. The Velcro back closure also provides a custom and comfortable fit for players that is almost unmatched to the competition. Always Be Your Best! All Star. Free Shipping!

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: great for training! Good size weight, and toghness

remove_circle_outlineCons: Break in time.

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: This glove is great for catchers learning at any age. For older kids it helps them work on receiving (catching with pocket) and framing. This is also really good for young kids 6-9 who can close a full size glove.

remove_circle_outlineCons: None

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: This glove is a must have training tool for the serious catcher. Even though this is a recent purchase, I already see more confidence and quicker hands in my sons catching skills. This is a great product and affordable.

remove_circle_outlineCons: None.

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Overall Rating
great glove brad player

add_circle_outlinePros: great mitt. very reasonably priced. really going to help improve my game

remove_circle_outlineCons: none

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Overall Rating

add_circle_outlinePros: Suggested by my son's catching coach. I ordered one and can now see why. He has done well with it and we expect it will help him to improve.

remove_circle_outlineCons: Break in time. But if you put the work in and the oil in you should be fine.

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Questions and Answers (13)


Have a question about the All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Have a 9 yr old son, small framed, fast, atheletic who will be catching. I know nothing of appropriate size mitt, etc. Help
A 31.5" mitt is most common for 9-10 year olds. A 31" would also work just fine if he's a lot smaller than other kids in his age group.
What size should I get for a 7 yr. old, 1st year as catcher?
For a 7 year old this would actually be a very good choice. A 7 year old will probably have difficulties closing a regular (full-size) catchers mitt and he should be able to use this one with ease. This would be great for his first year of catching.
My son is 5 years old placing on a coach pitch team with kids 8/9. He got the green light to catch. Is this glove what you would recommend? I am also looking at the Glovesmith G-Pro Series: GP3102W Youth Catchers Mitt on your site.
Central Coast
Since your son is only 5 years old, I would probably recommend going with the All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catchers Mitt. This will be small enough to fit his hand, and if he is just starting to catch this glove will be be a great one to start with.
Why is this called a training mitt? What is its designed purpose?
The All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt would fit the needs of a younger ball player trying to play catcher for the first time. This glove will be easy to close and have a Velcro Back for an easy adjustable fit. It will also feature an Extended Pocket to help the player catch easily. The size of this model will only be offered in a 27" Circumference.
In what ways will this glove improve a catcher? Does this glove come in stiff?
The All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt will be smaller in circumference at 27". It will help younger catchers start catching directly in the pocket. It will also help them frame balls more easily.
Would this glove be ok for a smaller sized catcher to use in games at the coach pitch level? Or is this glove strictly considered for training purposes only? My 6 year old wants to catch bad. We bought him the 31.5 inch version of this glove and seems to be just a bit too big for him yet.
The All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt is a great option for a younger player catching for the first time. The 27" frame makes it easy for a younger player to close the mitt and will fit his smaller hands better.
Could this glove be used to catch high school level bullpens?
Absolutely. Check out the All Star Training Mitt (CM100TM) Catcher's Mitt in action on All Star's YouTube channel:
Would this be a good training glove for a high school athlete to use? Which ways would this glove help the most? Also, are there any downfalls of this training mitt?
The All Star Training Mitt (CM100TM) is a great training tool for catchers at all levels. The mitt is designed to be small and shallow so it better teaches you to catch the ball in the pocket rather than with the hand padding. It teaches you to squeeze the ball once it hits the pocket to better secure it. There are no negatives to using the mitt for training. You would not want to use it in a game.
Can I use this glove to catch live BP for a 8th grade age level?
Kai Franke
Yes, the All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt can be used to catch BP at the 8th grade level.
Will this glove hold up catching bullpens in the high 80's? Also, what is the difference between this and the CM150TM FOCUS FRAMER 29" TRAINING MITT aside from the 150 giving 2 extra inches?
Luke Gruendl
The All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt is not going to be designed to catch bullpens. The glove is meant to be used in framing, transfer, and popup drills. As for the CM150TM, the main difference is going to be the fact that it is made to withstand faster pitching speeds.
What speeds can this glove handle?
The All Star Training Mitt (CM100TM) Catcher's Mitt is a training mitt and can handle all speeds like the other. Since it is a training mitt, it will be smaller than usual.
Forgive me, I'm not a baseball guy but my son is a baseball kid. We have the CM1010BT, and we're looking for a training mitt. Can you help me understand if the CM100TM is same size from a catching surface area perspective as the CM1010BT? Is the 4 inch difference in size the protective padding around the outside or will this really provided a smaller area for receiving the ball successfully (my son is 11 & wears a YM sized D30 impact glove)?
The training mitt will have the same size pocket as a standard adult sized model catcher's mitt. The reduction is in the padding and other areas around the pocket, which forces the player to catch the pitch with the pocket instead of relying on the finger padding and other areas of the glove to direct the ball to the pocket.
Kyle J.
What is the best way to break-in this training mitt in?
The break-in process for the All Star Training Mitt: CM100TM Catcher's Mitt is going to be very similar to how you would go about breaking in another glove. Using it to catch bullpens, wrapping the glove with a ball in the pocket, and lightly applying oil(s) will be the best methods.
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Design Leadership: In the area of baseball protective products, All-Star's design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter's helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight wire masks, adjustable batter's helmets and sternum and collarbone protection in chest protectors are just a few of the many advancements made by All-Star.

Technology and R&D: All-Star's production facilities use the latest in manufacturing technology, including several patented manufacturing processes. All-Star invests heavily into the research and development of new products as well as the processes required to manufacture them.

Quality and Value: These are prime concerns of the retailer and consumer alike. With a defective rate of less then 1/10th of 1%, you can rest assured that once a customer buys an All-Star product the sale will be final. All-Star's products are designed to give the retailer and the consumer the quality and value they are looking for.

Glove Properties

Color Black
Color Brown
Glove Type Baseball
Position Catcher
Price $0 - $99.99
Size 27.00
Sub Type Catchers
Sub Type Training
Vendor All Star
Web Type Fully Closed

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I ordered it on Friday night and received it on Tuesday. Wow!


Dalton, GA

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