Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T

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Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
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  • Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
  • Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
  • Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
  • Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
  • Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
  • Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
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Product Features

  • 100% wool padding for extra cushion
  • 11.50 Inch Model
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Direct Embroidery
  • Distinctive Oxblood Color
  • European Full-Grain Leather - Born in Tuscany region of Italy
  • Free Shipping
  • Italian calf lining for top of the line feel
  • Modified Trapeze Web
  • Position specific break points for pitchers and infielders
  • Professional pattern designed to enable quick ball transfer from glove to hand


76 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   76 customer reviews

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Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
4.56579 Star Rating
by Ozzie
Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T review by Ozzie
Pros: Functionality Perfect. Quick exchange and stiff perimeter. This is the only glove an established infielder should use, period. Sell a kidney, you won't be disappointed! Cons:Looks and feels so good girlfriend thinks I'm cheating on her with my ball glove.

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Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
4.56579 Star Rating
by Go Tigers!
Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T review by Go Tigers!
Pros: BEST GLOVE EVER! I couldn't believe I spent $400 on a glove. But once I got it I knew it was worth every dollar. It offers the best comfort than any other glove I've had, the cushion in the palm works like a wonder. Easy break in. I love how all the laces are 3 inches in length after being tied Cons:

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Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T
4.56579 Star Rating
by jl0ew19
Rawlings Primo Series: PRM1150T review by jl0ew19
Pros: this glove is an extention of your hand. the great thing about it is that the leather in the palm and the leather on the outer hand is incredibly soft, while the layer that is hidden on the inside is rock hard which makes it incredibly durable and gives the glove a great feal. i just recieved my glove today and it has already formed to my hand and i can effortlessly catch a ball already and it is not broken in at all. also what seemed to make a difference was putting one spray of rawlings glovolium in the palm. thats it. is makes it slightly firmer so it shapes eeasier unlike the glove buter which makes it very soft. the color and overall look of the glove in amazing and the long laces just makes it better. it has an oldschool look and feel which turns heads. well worth the 400$. get it Cons:everyone will want to try it on

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Questions and Answers

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I recently purchased the PRM1125 in the summer and now we are starting to practice for baseball. I need to break the glove in. When I purchased I wanted to break it in naturally, simply by playing catch. But that process is taking too long and my Wilson A2000 is beat. I need my Primo broken in. I looked up reviews on the Primo glove butter and it says it brings the glove back to life after aging. But nothing about it says anything about helping break-in the Primo. I saw a review on Firstbasecoach.com and they said they don't recommend I use it on a new glove. I need my Primo broken in and I don't want to break down the leather and ruin it, since it's a $400 glove. I need help.

To break-in the Rawlings Primo Series (PRM1150T) try using our glove care kit, found here: http://www.justballgloves.com/product/justballgloves-com-glove-care-kit/9906/

Brandon Expert ·Oct 14, 2014


I have had this glove for about 3 years and the web lacing broke and it is falling apart. Can I send it back to you guys and can you relace it?

We do not currently offer any type of repair services for the gloves we sell. We strictly retail the products. You may be able to contact the manufacturer to get a recommendation on how to go about repairing the glove. Their number is 1-800-729-5464.

Patrick Expert ·Sep 28, 2014


I cant seem to find the date code on my Rawlings Primo glove. Where can i find it?

The Rawlings Primo Series (PRM1150T) features an I.D. number on the thumb but would not feature a "date code" anywhere on the glove.

Patrick Expert ·Aug 21, 2014

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Product Description

The Rawlings Primo Series combines quality and innovation to produce a new standard in the world of baseball gloves. This finely crafted Primo glove is the ultimate choice for baseball's elite and soon-to-be elite. Primo is truly a masterpiece of design. Born in the Tuscany region of Italy, European full-grain leather is marked by a tight grain structure allowing for a flawless appearance. These gloves consist of two layers of the richest in Italian leather work together to create a pocket built for maximum performance and to provide durability and comfort. Strategically placed break points allow the glove to close according to your position`s demands. Additionally, hand sewn welting is placed along the outside of the glove eliminating the conjoining leather piece that would normally rub against your thumb. The third layer of Italian calf lining creates a luxuriously smooth feel unlike any other while the 100% wool padding adds an extra layer of cushion. Comfort without losing function. Primo leather and lacing undergoes an intensive hot-stuffed injection treatment that repels water and ensures durability. Additionally, the laces are tested to 100# tensile strength, creating a shape that endures all conditions. Finally, the Primo gloves provide superior comfort. The inner palm and lining adjust to the shape of the outer palm in order to absorb the impact of the ball. Free Shipping!

About Rawlings

Rawlings Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball and the Official Basketball and Football for NCAA Championships.The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all ove.... read more


Thank you so much, By the way my son loves his other First baseman's glove we bought from you, I will NEVER buy another glove from anyone else.

- Rich, Milford, CT

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