Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200

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Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
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  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
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Product Features

  • *100 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping!
  • * Gold Glove Series Design - Meticulously Cut, Assembled and Sewn, Start to Finish, By One Craftsman *
  • 12.00 Inch Pattern
  • Break-In: 80% Player, 20% Factory
  • European Leather - Famous for Supple Feel and Durable Finish
  • Features Individual Serial Number - Signifies the Glove Maker, Date Created, and Glove's Production Number
  • Gold Trim and Gold Stitching
  • Hand-Sewn Welting
  • Open Back
  • Opti-Core Technology - Added Layers of Pre-Curved Padding Beneath the Palm to Greater Absorb Impact
  • Pitcher / Utility Model
  • Professional Patterns
  • Two-Piece Closed Web
  • Ultra-Premium Luxury Palm Liner


4 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

4 Star Rating   4 customer reviews

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Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
4.25 Star Rating
by #4 Tommy Ballgame
Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200 review by #4 Tommy Ballgame
Pros: Quality of the leather & craftsmanship is second to none. Looks & feels amazing. I'm using glove oil, wooden mallet & the large ball & band to break it in & in 9 days I have it feeling like my A2K did after 6 months. If I didn't know better, I would think this glove was made specifically for my hand. I am a pitcher & middle-infielder but this glove will only be used on the mound. Cons:None at all!

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Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
4.25 Star Rating
by anon
Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200 review by anon
Pros: This glove is extremely nice looks and the build quality is supreme. It isn't very heavy and good as a pitching glove. The glove also has good quality laces and the logo's are extremely nice. Cons:Although the glove looks good and feels good, I must admit that the leather just isn't up to par with looks. Being that I do own a Mizuno Pro-Limited gmp100bk, the leather just does not compare at all. The leather on this glove is very light and supple, but has a very thin layer and is EXTREMELY soft. The very first day I got it, I was able to squeeze it no problem and it did not take me long to break in. The Pro-Limited that I have had for about a year now is still just as stiff as this glove brand new. Being that I played on travel teams and high school and used the glove all year long and it is just as stiff as the rawling, I do not feel this gloves leather is quite as good. I was quite disappointed in this glove due to the leather quality draw back. Although it looks good, I wouldn't get another one for this price. Instead I would get another Mizuno Pro-limited or possibly a Nike.

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Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200
4.25 Star Rating
by Troy
Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200 review by Troy
Pros: Sharp Glove Finger Padding Quality Leather and stitching Hand Heel Pad Glove Leather allows more custom break in to your liking. Ball pops in the gloves "Crack" Cons:Only con would be the amount of break in required. Make sure you get this glove ahead of time to allow significant time to take it through a good break in period. But the quality of this glove deserves that personal attention you have to give to it to get it ready for game play. This is my first new glove in 20 years since my glove purchase for college baseball. I would not hesitate to buy and take another one of these out of the box. Amazing glove, So far I have put 15 minutes a night into breaking it in, and well worth the time invested. 2 weeks. 2-3 hours of time and it is probably 50% completed. Give the glove time prior to game use, and you wont be disappointed.

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Questions and Answers

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When i play, I put two fingers in the pinkie slot. Will this glove have wide enough finger openings?

Yes, the Rawlings Gold Glove Series: RGG1200 has enough room in the pinkie stall for both your pinkie and ring finger to fit comfortably.

Marcus Expert ·Sep 03, 2015


Do you guys have this in a left-handed model?

No, we only have the Rawlings Gold Glove Series (RGG1200) in the right hand throw.

John Expert ·Aug 18, 2015


Is it made in the USA?

The Rawlings Gold Glove Series (RGG1200) is manufactured in the Philippines.

Patrick Expert ·May 13, 2015

Product Description

The Gold Glove Series is being taken to a new level with its new and improved pro soft European leather, gold stitching/trim lace, moldable padding and authentic Rawlings pro patterns. As with the Gold Glove Award, this glove is for the player mastering defense. The Rawlings Gold Glove Series features patterns just like the pros wear, designed for each position: solid webs for pitchers, shallow pockets for middle infielders, and open webs for outfielders and infielders. The tanned cowhide palm and leather finger back linings help for strength, comfort and durability, while the Opti-Core Technology allows for added layers of pre-curved padding beneath the palm to greater absorb impact The patented laceless finger Holster with index finger pad adds comfort and protection. The Rawlings Gold Glove is perfect for anyone trying to improve their defensive play and who needs a tough durable glove that can take the hardships of playing defense. The moldable padding feature allows the player to shape the pocket based on the demands of his/her position. As with all Rawlings gloves, this Gold Glove has been made with the highest grade of quality and hand crafted leather. The Rawlings Gold Glove Series gloves are targeted for the elite players that want a high quality glove with a minimal break in time; approximately 20% factory / 80% player break in work. Enjoy the Gold Glove Series from Rawlings. Free Shipping.

About Rawlings

Rawlings Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball and the Official Basketball and Football for NCAA Championships.The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all ove.... read more


You guys are incredible! I have purchased a bat and glove. Both I received in 2 days. And I was able to exchange both very easy when I realized I had the wrong sizes for my son.... I will never purchase a glove or bat from anybody else ever again! You guys give me peace of mind that I am going to get exactly what I want.I would recommend you guys 1 Million Percent to anybody buying their next bat or glove!

- Albert, Frisco, TX

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