Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225

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Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
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  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
  • Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
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Product Features

  • 12.25 Inch Pattern
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • Closed Back
  • Closed Web
  • Combination of Walnut Crunch and Kangaroo Leather
  • Free Shipping!
  • Little Break-In Required
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Used for Baseball, Fastpitch, and Softball
  • Utility Pattern


4 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

5 Star Rating   4 customer reviews

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Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
5 Star Rating
by Fred
Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225 review by Fred
Pros: This glove is a BEAST.. best glove I have ever owned by a long shot and that's saying alot. I play men's softball and I've always settled for a 12.5inch glove since being that a 12.25inch is for of rare. This glove is simply amazing and game ready straight out of the bag... and I mean GAME READY. Awesome quality and a perfect fit makes this glove perfecO!! Let's just say I'm hooked. Cons: A Little pricey,but WELL worth it!!

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Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
5 Star Rating
by Kings
Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225 review by Kings
Pros: Getting back into the game at age 60, this glove is the best, my last one was a Heart of the Hide by Rawlings and took forever to break in and heavy. After one coat of Nokona NLT Classic Glove Conditioner and 3 weeks of working with it, it feels like a old glove, soft and ready to go! Well worth the money. Pocket is deep, light to hold, l love this glove! If this glove had a H web it would be a killer looking glove! If you love playing soft or hardball, get this glove! Cons:None what so ever!

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Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225
5 Star Rating
by Scott
Nokona Buckaroo Special Series: UT-1225 review by Scott
Pros: Beautiful example of quality USA workmanship. Great choice for the player who never knows quite where he will be playing in the field on any given day. i love the closed back and index finger hole. I plan on using an inner glove with this product as I want to,protect my investment. I'd you get a chance look at the YouTube video on how they're made. Cons:None yet.

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Questions and Answers

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I generally play second base and center field both in baseball and slow pitch. Do you feel like the 12.25 inch model would be an appropriate length for these positions?

The Nokona Buckaroo Special Series (UT-1225) could work well for both those positions and styles of play.

Patrick Expert ·Mar 12, 2015


Trying to find a glove for a 6' 6" left handed pitcher, with very long fingers. Is this an option?

This Nokona Buckaroo Special Series (UT-1225) would be a solid choice. Typically, pitchers will use gloves sized anywhere from 11.75" to 12.25". The longer pattern sizes would give you longer finger stalls. This model is the one 12.25" standard-fit pattern we have in stock for a Left Hand Thrower, but we have quite a few 12.00" models which you can find in this link:

Mac Expert ·Dec 14, 2014


I'm noticing that both men and women are considering this glove. Is there any difference in the finger stall size compared to female specific fast pitch gloves such as the Nokona X2F elite series?

The Nokona Buckaroo Special Series (UT-1225) will have a slightly larger finger stall size than the Nokona X2F Elite Series Fastpitch gloves because it is designed as a utility glove to fit most Baseball, Fastpitch, and Slowpitch players.

Tom Expert ·Dec 01, 2014

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Product Description

The Nokona Buckaroo Speical Series features a perfect combination of Kangaroo leather and cowhides to form a lightweight yet sturdy glove that today's ballers look for. Kangaroo leather, both amazingly strong and lightweight, significantly increases the glove's durability. In fact, Kangaroo Leather is one of the toughest leathers in the world so you know the Buckaroo Speical Series is made to last. Nokona's classic Walnut Crunch Leather, on the other hand, adds body and form needed to maintain a solid pocket and overall fit. As if that's not enough, the Buckaroo Special Series features Nokona's new deep-pocket and Nolera Composite Padding System. This top-of-the-line feature meets the demands of today's top players with its lighter feel and improved playability. With a closed web and closed back, this 12.25 inch glove is made for baseball, fastpitch, and softball utility players. Nokona has built a reputation for providing the highest quality gloves, which are made right here in the USA! For over 75 years, Nokona has been making their product in Nocona, Texas where the people have dedicated their lives to providing the highest quality ball glove. This is their legacy. Nokona: America's Pastime. American Made. The Buckaroo Special Series is backed by a full 100-day money back guarantee, even if you've used it! Free Shipping!

About Nokona

Nokona Joe Phillips writes about his visit to Nokona. It was like sitting in at the plantation party in Gone with the Wind or maybe gazing from the grandstand at the “Field of Dreams” while the Black Sox players tried to work out their idled muscle kinks. And, I was gently reminded by the lines in that movie while I dug into a delicious plate of North Texas barbecue: “threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins. . . You talk a good dream.” And here I was. . . graciously invit.... read more


If you are in need of a glove, I would recommend you buy a glove from them. The glove is great, and the service was excellent, the price was reasonable and delivery was exceptionally quick.

- Brad, Brooksville, KY

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